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iWorker was founded as a social enterprise by two American entrepreneurs, with the aim of providing quality work to Venezuelans. Both living in Argentina as digital entrepreneurs, they had come to know many Venezuelan immigrants living in Argentina whose stories from back home — of food lines, hunger, crumbling hospitals and schools, and an annual inflation rate of nearly a million per cent — affected them deeply.

They also knew, however, that Venezuelans tend to be highly intelligent and industrious and that they could be a great asset to companies all over the world. Having used remote workers themselves to rapidly scale their own businesses and, with over a decade of combined experience between them in remote hiring, they knew how powerful of a business multiplier it can be to learn how to delegate day-to-day tasks to others. After many years of trial-and-error themselves, they had become experts in how to recruit and train talented and reliable remote workers.

They built iWorker with the aim of providing Venezuelan professionals and others in situations of economic desperation stable, dignified work, thereby generating opportunities for them to improve their lives, support their families, and grow their local economies. In this journey, they were lucky to be joined by Enrique Yervez, a Venezuelan entrepreneur who had managed multiple teams of Venezuelan remote workers for several 7-figure businesses.

In The News

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“Co-Founder of Venezuelan Outsourcing Agency iWorker Explains Why Developing Countries Are Such A Great Source Of Talent”

A podcast interview about iWorker (watch on YouTube)

Inspired Money podcast

“How to Better Scale Your Business and Help Change a Life”

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“Improving economic prosperity for workers in Venezuela with iWorker.”

An interview which discusses how iWorker changes lives

Transformations Podcast

“World Changer”

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Somos Inovación

“El Trabajo Remoto Hace Florecer el Talento Venezolano (a Pesar de Todo), con Enrique Yervez.”

A Spanish-language podcast about iWorker (blog post); see the full interview with Enrique about iWorker here

Cómo Traviajar

“Pia, la Asistente Virtual que me ayuda”

A Spanish-language podcast interview with Pia, a virtual assistant from iWorker


“Empowering Venezuelan workers: a review of iWorker’s impact-oriented model”

By Co-Founder Enrique Yervez


“5 Free Tools”

By Co-Founder Enrique Yervez

Recent reviews from clients of ours:

Ready to get started?

We can set you up with a talented remote professionals in as little as 24 hours!

To get started, send us a message via the contact form below and let us know a bit about what kinds of tasks you’re hoping to get a hand with (custormer service, social media, data entry, telemarketing, copywriting, etc)

Enrique, our co-founder, will then reach back out and fire you over some bios of the remote professionals we think best match what you’re looking for.

Feel free to try out the worker (at no cost) for several hours! We’ll be there with you, at every step of the process, to make sure we’ve linked you up with the right person.

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