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Get a skilled social media manager to help build your brand and reach new customers


Starting at just $5.95 USD/hr

Get a skilled social media manager to help build your brand and reach new customers


Starting at just $5.95 USD/hr

Affordable & talented social media Managers.

Hire an affordable Virtual Assistant to help you scale your social media,

create content, and grow your brand!

How We can Help you

Our team of social media managers are bilingual, college-educated professionals with a range of skills.

Content Creation

Professional content creation for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & more

Graphic Design & Video Editing

Audio and visual content creation that stands out 

Grow Your Followers

Increase your followers 10x on major social media platforms

Post Scheduling

Professional social media content scheduled weeks in advance

Lead Generation

Effective content that’ll help you reach new potential customers

Make More Sales

Social media content designed with the goal of generating you more sales

#1 rated social media help.

Social media assistance doesn’t need to break the bank. On Upwork, social media managers can go for a mind-blowing $30-50/hour. 

In contrast, we source remote professionals from countries in crisis who are skilled in social media for just $6-9/hour. They can help you with creating great content, growing your social media following, and reaching a broader audience – on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. 

We’ve also been consistently rated as among the top remote hiring agencies, both by our workers and by our clients.


how It works

Request 3 bios

Tell us what you need help with, and we’ll hand-pick 3 worker bios for you to review.

Book a call

Schedule a complimentary call with any of the workers we send you to get to know them.

Pay as you go

Just flat hourly billing. No long term contracts, no cancellation fees. 

Hundreds of 5-star ratings by both clients and workers.

Change a life

If doing something wonderful for someone else matters to you, you’ve come to the right place.

Co-founded by a Venezuelan immigrant, iWorker’s mission is unique: to help compassionate entrepreneurs hire talented remote workers from countries in crisis.

Most of our team, 70% of whom are women, come from Venezuela, a country in the midst of a full-scale and devastating economic collapse.

By hiring from iWorker, you’re not only able to better scale your business — you’re also helping to change a life. 

Let us hand-pick you the perfect social media manager.


How can a social media manager help me?

Touted in best-selling books like Tim Ferriss’s The Four-Hour Workweek, hiring a remote worker can be a game-changer. For social media, here are the types of things a worker can do:


  • Create professional content
  • Grow your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn followings
  • Build a professional social media presence
  • Engage with your audience
Who would I be hiring? How selective is iWorker?

Whereas popular platforms like Upwork make it easy to join, iWorker is one of the most selective VA agencies, hiring just 3.47% of applicants. This ensures that we can line you up with the top talent in this price range.

We look for:

  • Skilled, bilingual remote professionals
  • College or graduate degrees
  • Experience working internationally
  • Reliability + strong communication skills
What do you charge?

We have a simple, pay-as-you go model.

We charge a flat rate of $5.95-$6.95 USD/hour for our tier 1 and tier 2 virtual assistants. If you want to hire for a more specialized position (digital marketers, copywriters, web developers), we charge just a few dollars more per hour. 

Besides our hourly rate, we have no other fees and no long-term contracts. 

How competitive are iWorker's wages?

iWorker is a social enterprise with social impact as its goal.

The US dollar goes a long way in developing countries. The salaries received by our team ($650-$1,500/month) are significantly above local wages, providing some of the highest wages to be found in countries where jobs are often non-existent or pay an average of $200-$300/month. 

As an indication of this, iWorker’s long-term retention of workers is higher than 96%, suggesting how valuable a stable job earning in USD is in the countries from which we hire. In addition, iWorker provides the ability for its team to work online from home and avoid long and sometimes dangerous commutes. 

You can see worker reviews of iWorker on Glassdoor and Indeed

Why iWorker and not Upwork or Fiverr?

Many of our clients used Upwork or Fiverr at one point and then moved over to iWorker. Why?

  • Social impact. Through iWorker, you’re hiring someone directly from a country in crisis (like Venezuela or Nicaragua) or another developing country where the need is strong and your employment will change lives.
  • Empowerment of women. 70% of our workforce is women and narrowing gender inequalities in developing countries is at the heart of what you help to accomplish when hiring through iWorker.
  • The right person picked for you. Unlike Upwork or Fiverr, where you’ll need to wade through dozens of applications, we analyze your needs and pick someone we know, trust ourselves, and believe will be the perfect fit for you. 
  • Actual customer support. Want some customer support from Upwork or Fiverr? Good luck. We’re available 24/7, and our co-founder Enrique is always happy to jump on a call.
What's iWorker's story? Why Venezuela?

iWorker was founded to do something about the Venezuelan crisis, where nearly 90% of the population lives in poverty and faces regular shortages of food and medicine.

You can read the fascinating story of Venezuelan immigrant and iWorker co-founder Enrique Yervez here:

They don't just wait to be told to do something. They are engaged in driving the business themselves.

Cory Borgen
April 20, 2021

Thanks to the staff that the iWorker team provided for the company, our internal employees can focus on other aspects of the business.

Jeremy Kocian
June 9, 2021

My assistant is always up for the task and provides immense value to my team.

Jessica Ains
April 2, 2021

Enough with the misfires. Let us find your perfect social media manager.

Enough with the misfires. Let us find your perfect social media manager.

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