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White Label Services

iWorker gives you the ability to set up your own ready-made virtual assistant agency!

With our white label services, we help you to create a turnkey VA agency of your own. This means you can make recurring hourly income with clients you bring in — and at whatever profit margin you like.

So here’s how this works. You’d set up your own brand for a virtual assistant agency and set whatever hourly rate you want. Let’s say $8/hour.

Then you’d use your network, your blog, your email list, paid ads, or whatever other method you want to bring in clients for your VA agency. Once you have a client, you’ll loop us in and we take care of the rest:

  • Recruiting and interviewing top-notch English-speaking VAs
  • Setting the client up with the perfect VA from our pool of hundreds of qualified workers
  • Managing payments with the client via automatic weekly withdrawals (so you never have to hassle them for money)
  • Paying the VAs each week and handling international money transfers
  • Depositing money in your account automatically

Your earnings are the difference between whatever rate you set for your clients and the rate we charge. iWorker charges a flat rate of $5.95/hour for white label services. So if you set a rate of $7.95 USD/hour for virtual assistant services for your clients, your earnings are $2/hour for the lifetime of that client. We pay out to you every two weeks via Paypal.

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